Learn more about JFF
Learn more about JFF

The Metaverse: Designed by All, Built for All, Benefiting All. 

As metaverse and XR technologies reshape every aspect of education and work, JFFLabs is helping partners across this growing ecosystem ensure that the benefits of these innovations reach everyone. 



Jobs for the Future (JFF) is helping grow the market for promising technology solutions poised to generate significant social impact for workers and learners. 

We explore and showcase the potential of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other extended reality (XR) technologies to help workers and learners explore new career paths, develop in-demand technical and human skills, engage more deeply with colleagues and environments at work, and prepare for and enter new jobs and careers that contribute to the development of this technology. Our work encourages the creation of new applications for immersive technologies.

Our Approach:


Working with stakeholders from across the ecosystem, we bring evidence-based models and solutions to life. 

JFFLabs Immersive Learning Accelerator

We curate solutions that have the potential to grow, and we’re leveraging our networks of leaders to drive change in systems and distribute tools, resources, and strategies. 

SAP “Skill Immersion Lab”

We shape policy that strengthens the labor market at all levels and drives the conversation for education, workforce, and industry leadership nationwide. 

Market Scan: Immersive Learning 2020

We invest capital and re-grant resources to incubate new solutions, accelerate innovation, and drive impact. 

ETF@JFFLabs Joins Investment Round of Leading Healthcare Immersive Technology

Featured Partners


XR Shaping the Future of Workforce Development

JFF and Meta work together as partners to better understand and showcase the potential of extended reality (XR) technologies to transform learning and work. 



Skill Immersion Lab

In an innovative partnership, JFF, SAP, and Talespin are using enterprise-grade VR systems to offer human skills training  to high-school- age learners from low-income backgrounds.



"Immersive learning is becoming one of the hottest and most transformational approaches to learning… New tools for VR and AR are transforming technical, managerial, and all elements of soft skills training because they create real-world learning experiences that stick."


Josh Bersin, global industry analyst

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