JFFVentures Impact Report 2023

Reflecting on the Progress and Impact of Our Portfolio Companies in 2023

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About JFFVentures

Workers in low- and middle-wage jobs are the most vulnerable to displacement and the most disconnected from high-growth careers. Given the unprecedented demand for talent and the rapidly shifting nature of work, we see an opportunity to shape the future to create access and opportunity for all.

JFFVentures is the nation’s leading impact venture fund specializing exclusively in emerging future of work and workforce development technologies enabling economic advancement. We invest in early-stage companies where entrepreneurs with lived experiences are building solutions that create a more inclusive, equitable economy.

Impact Approach

JFFVentures invests in companies offering products and services that drive economic opportunity for learners and workers in low- and middle-wage jobs. We focus on members of populations that are often overlooked by traditional systems, leveraging Jobs for the Future’s expertise to scale innovative solutions. Our work aligns with the ambitious goal JFF has embraced as its North Star: By 2033, 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement will work in quality jobs.

Our theory of change requires us to focus on the following four critical levers for paradigm shifts in the future of learning and work: 

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Support Workers in Low-Wage Jobs 

We aim to empower people overlooked by traditional systems, solutions, and players as they progress through the education and workforce continuum. 

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Advance Diversity in the Startup Economy  

We focus on company founders from populations that are underrepresented in entrepreneurship who have unique lived experiences and perspectives, create diverse teams, and elect diverse boards of directors.  

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Engage Employers

We are guided by our Corporate Innovation Council, a group of forward-thinking corporate leaders with expertise in talent acquisition, learning and development, corporate social responsibility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion who can provide timely support, access, and insights to entrepreneurs. 

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Catalyze Impact

We believe that a combination of capital partners, impact employers, and founders from populations that are underrepresented in the investment and business communities can truly unlock the human potential of the workforce. 

Our Impact Areas  

JFFVentures focuses on four impact areas that have the potential to help people in low- and middle-wage jobs gain the education, skills, and support they need to prepare for jobs that offer opportunities for economic advancement: 

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Impact Methodology

As an impact-led investment fund focused on improving economic opportunities for adults in low-to-middle-income occupations, JFFVentures embeds impact assessment into all stages of due diligence, portfolio management, and exit strategy. The fund measures and evaluates the impact of its investments on two levels: 1) specific investment candidates and 2) the entire portfolio.

Beyond individual companies, JFFVentures measures its broader impact on the investment landscape. We prioritize diversity within our portfolio, tracking two key metrics: 1) investment in companies led by founders from populations that are underrepresented in the venture capital ecosystem and 2) the geographic distribution of companies in our portfolio. 

Company-Level Metrics: 


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Fund-Level Metrics: 


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Impact to Date

15m invested
24m lives
80 percent

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