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A look at the progress that JFFVentures and our portfolio companies made in 2022

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About JFFVentures

JFFVentures is the nation’s leading impact investing fund that specializes exclusively in emerging future of work and workforce development technologies with the potential to improve economic advancement opportunities for workers from low-income backgrounds. 

We work tirelessly alongside entrepreneurs to build and scale solutions for the millions of adult learners and workers overlooked by traditional systems and solutions. We invest in early-stage companies building tech-based solutions that improve the well-being of workers and expand their prospects for economic advancement. 

This report offers a look at the progress that JFFVentures and our portfolio companies have made in 2022. We are honored to report that to date our portfolio companies have reached more than 20 million people in 14 states and four countries. We also celebrate the caliber, commitment, and diversity of our founders. 84% of portfolio company leaders are underrepresented in the venture capital industry, including founders who identify as people of color, immigrants, or women of any background. 


Our Team

Yigal Kerszenbaum

Managing Partner


Sabari Raja

Managing Partner


Priscilla Luu

Senior Associate


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Monica Pacheco

Senior Analyst



  1. There are tremendous investment opportunities amid technological and economic change. 
  2. The value of partnerships has never been greater. 
  3. Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly. 
  4. The deskless workforce is in need of new technologies. 
  5. There’s a need to expand and diversify the green talent pool. 
  6. Workplace gender inequities persist. 

Impact Approach

JFFVentures invests in companies that positively impact the lives of learners and workers in low- and middle-wage jobs. Our intentionally narrow focus on workers and learners who are overlooked by traditional education and workforce systems, and the fact that we are part of JFF, enable us to help achieve JFF’s North Star: In 10 years 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement will work in quality jobs. 

Our theory of change requires us to focus on the following four critical levers for paradigm shifts in the future of learning and work:   

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Support Low-Wage Workers

We aim to empower people overlooked by traditional systems, solutions, and players as they progress through the education to workforce continuum. 

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Invest in Entrepreneurs From a Wide Range of Backgrounds

We focus on founders who have unique lived experiences and perspectives, create diverse teams, and elect diverse boards of directors. 

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Engage Employers

We are guided by our Corporate Innovation Council, a group of forward-thinking corporate leaders with expertise in talent acquisition, learning and development, corporate social responsibility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion who can provide timely support, access, and insights to entrepreneurs. 

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Catalyze Impact

We believe that a combination of capital partners, impact employers, and founders from populations that are underrepresented in the investment and business communities can truly unlock the human potential of the workforce. 

Our Portfolio

JFFVentures closed 15 new investments in 2022, disbursing close to $3 million in new capital into the following high-impact, high-growth companies. 

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Learn more about all portfolio companies. 


Looking Ahead

Our JFFVentures portfolio has grown to 44 companies, and we’re enthusiastically dedicating time, energy, and attention to supporting them.  

We’re thrilled that we’ve begun the process of launching our next fund, JFFVentures Fund II. By launching a second fund, we’re creating an opportunity for new partners who share our vision to join us as we invest in early-stage companies building groundbreaking new solutions at the intersection of education, workforce development, and human potential. 

We were the first impact investor that specialized in workforce technology, and with our new $50 million fund, we’re ready to expand our impact with new partners.   

Get Involved with JFFVentures

We value collaboration across industries and are interested in building this field with partners and entrepreneurs who share our mission and vision. We welcome new ideas, and we’re looking for opportunities to collaborate to scale high-impact workforce technologies.  

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