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Learn more about JFF

JFFLabs: JFF's Innovation Lab

We provide market insights, incubate solutions, and invest in companies.  


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JFFLabs is Jobs for the Future's (JFF) innovation lab—we catalyze new ways to achieve our mission at JFF and with our partners. We do this through: 

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Identifying and publishing rapid and emerging trends and stories about innovations and solutions.

Market Scan: Building Professional Social Capital for Black Learners and Workers


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Providing strategy, piloting, and business support to innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses as they look to scale ideas to sustainable operations.

Entrepreneur Incubation 


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Investing in and supporting entrepreneurs as they build solutions and businesses.

JFF's Impact Fund: ETF@JFFLabs 


 Traditional education and training have not ensured economic advancement for all learners and workers.

Educators, workforce professionals, and entrepreneurs have innovative solutions. But they need support developing them, proof that what they're doing works, and a connection to capital to help them succeed. Investors seek guidance in identifying high-impact opportunities and promising solutions that generate results for learners and workers, produce financial outcomes, and bolster the economy. 

JFFLabs bridges these communities and drives innovation in education and workforce systems through market insights, incubating solutions, and investing in promising companies.

“One of the more intriguing things about JFFLabs is that it doesn’t assume Silicon Valley has all the answers.”

John Battelle, Co-Founder, CEO at Recount Media


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